Musical tandem Kochetov formed a quintet with longtime friends and colleagues who love jazz music and perform her with great pleasure and love. Having in mind that each member of the band is also a remarkable soloist and each of them gives a music a personal touch, every performance carries a special energy that in the audience causing a very positive reaction. Considering that musicians belong to different generations, their performance is a specific blend of classic jazz with elements of contemporary rhythms and sounds. Currently, band is successfully performing at International jazz festivals promoting their original music... just spreading love, good music & positive energy :)
In October of 2014. they released a debut album  " IT'S TIME FOR JAZZ " which consist seven original songs.

Selling places : Dallas Music Shop, Sremska 2, Belgrade
           DAK Drum Shop, Miloja Pavlovica 10, Kragujevac 
                                                                                                                                                                                           "Jazz washes away the dust of every day life..." ~ Art Blakey

                                                                                       SNOWFALL by Kochetov Quintet


                                                                                         LOVE ME... by Kochetov Quintet